6 Layer Inserts (AWJ - In Stock)
6 Layer Inserts (AWJ - In Stock)
Teddy Tails Cloth Co.

6 Layer Inserts (AWJ - In Stock)

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6 Layer  Inserts

4 layers of Bamboo on top of 2 layers of a Hemp Cotton blend, these multi fabric inserts provide an abundance of absorption in a trim silhouette and are suitable for both light & heavy wetters

They feature a front snap, allowing you the option of securing in place within the diaper and hold a whopping 9oz of liquid--fully saturated, NOT dripping

Edges serged with white AWJ help to further minimize baconing, as well as keep all layers secure

You can easily double up for the heaviest of wetters & flooders, this is also a great option for maximum leak protection overnight as well

These inserts are intended to be placed in diaper tag down

Meets safety requirements of the CPSC/CPSIA

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sydney Gardner

SO absorbant! Super trim and doesn't bacon!! I love these inserts and have switched my stash to exclusively TT 6-layer inserts. I will be recommending these to all of my friends that I convince to do cloth 😍

Carleigh Palmer

Great product!

The best

That's it, they're the best. I'm so glad I invested in these inserts, our whole diaper stash is getting switched over.

Why are they so soft?? It's almost unreasonable that they perform so well, don't bacon and are the easiest inserts to stuff with, and then they're luxuriously (& unnecessarily) soft and delightful on top of it? I never thought I'd love a diaper insert so much!

Kimberly Yarbrough
Best inserts in the game

These inserts are my absolute favorite! The new edges are game changing!

johana Sanchez

We bought these now that my girl is peeing more and we need more layers and they’re by far our favorite inserts. They’re super absorbent AND they don’t bacon !!! It’s so nice to be able to throw these in the dryer on the days where we can’t air dry them and know they’ll come out perfectly fine! Will be buying again when I buy more diapers haha