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Wipe Bits (In Stock)

Wipe Bits (In Stock)

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Wipe Bits

Homemade simply, in small batches with minimal ingredients, offering a natural and sensitive skin friendly option for cleaning.

Each bag holds approximately 20 hearts, made with: Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, a few drops of cosmetic grade scent & dye for differentiation

Scent & Dye Free & Vegan available too! 

Intended Use:

Following directions below, the solution created is intended to be used in conjunction with cloth wipes, as a gentle & reusable alternative to disposable wipes. 

Directions For Use:
Dissolve one heart into 8-16oz of hot water.
Allow to cool completely and pour into desired container.
Cloth Wipes may be prepped with solution prior to use (recommendation - use prepped wipes within 48 hrs to reduce risk of mold) or solution may be placed in a container of choice & wet wipes as needed. Popular container choices for wipe solutions include peri & spray bottles.
*Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final*
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